Grounded Theory Analysis Interview Transcripts

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HyperRESEARCH was used to analyze interview transcripts with grounded theory analysis (Esterberg, 2002). As part of grounded theory analysis, an open and focused coding was used to identify factors that capture parent’s experiences and perspective on the school.

The interview transcripts were read line by line using open and focused coding to create a master code list that identifies common experiences and perspectives among parents about school. The first open coding scheme contained 24 variables such as Academia, Barriers to Involvement in School, Communicating effectively, communication between students and parents, lack of communication, lack of involvement, language barriers, need for connection, need for culture integration,
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However, they also mentioned different reasons for their lack of involvement. One parent, stated that the school have different opportunities for parents to be more involve with the school, but it is also the parents’ initiative to attend meetings
“I do not know what else they can do because Jessica already said she makes the phone call and informs them of events that are coming up she sent them an email and that she also sends home a flyer with all the information of events and stuff that are happening she said that the only thing she noticed is that there are like 300 students here and every time they have a meeting there’s less than 20 parents, there’s less 20, so she said that’s its more parents involvement parents wanting to get involved because the information is there it’s given to them in different forms.”
This participant believes it is the parent’s responsibility to get involve with the school, attend meetings, or participate in other school activities, since the school provide plenty of information and opportunities for parents to get involve with the school
Another parent mentioned that their job schedule prevents them from getting involved. Therefore, school should arrange more meetings
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One thing, they have parent teacher meeting on Tuesdays at 8:30 or something, can’t attend those things so evenings will be better for me. I work, so I can’t take that time off. That’s the only thing.”
95% of the students are classiefied as social disavatge. Most of them recievde free lunch. This implies most of their parents might have difficulty getting work off because their social economic sttauts prevent them from doing this. Therefore school.
Communication was the second themes that emerged from the ten different interviews. This refers to the extent of how well parents communicate with school members (i.e. faculty, administrators, counselors, and teachers) and different reasons for the lock of communication. This includes lack of communication and language barriers. Will C Wood middle school have the open door policy, which permits parents to….. there is also school meeting that allows parents to meet and communicate with teachers and administrators . (resource)
Some of the parents informed that there is lack of communication with some of the school members. As this parent stated:
A: Um, I haven 't really react, interacted with any of the teachers really here. Um this year is pretty much over the phone, but when I do um talk with them um I have spoke with Jess, Ms Jessica she 's really

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