Groundhog Day Film Analysis

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Background Groundhog Day is a film about a weatherman Phil, who is not fond of reporting on Groundhog Day. He was sent to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to report if the groundhog will see his shadow and forecast when the spring will arrive. He is accompanied by his producer Rita and Larry, the cameraman. When Phil arrived, her had a very entitles attitude and belittled others. He was not fond of the small tow or the people living in it. He was very enthusiastic and eager to leave, but unfortunately a blizzard affected his travel and prevented his departure. The following day he realized he’s reliving his time in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. He began to take advantage of the time warp by gaining information about other people and using it to his advantage. he began to form a relationship with Rita and used the time warp in order to gain information about her and trick her into liking him. He soon began to enact dangerous stunts because he knew the time warp would prevent him from dying. After realizing he’s stuck in a time warp, he began to complete acts of kindness. He began to save people who ere choking, save weddings, attempted to save the homeless man from dying and saved a child from falling from a tree. Once he completed his act of kindness, he gained the affection of his producer Rita, without using the tricks he previously used. The following day, he realized he was no longer in a time warp and realized he loved Punxsutawney and wanted to live there with Rita in the
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