Personal Narrative: My Trip To South Dakota

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This story takes place last summer in the month of July, about one week. My family and I went on a trip out west. Our final destination was in South Dakota. We left on a monday morning and I remember my mom was trying to get me up and they almost left without me. Everyone packed their bags in the car but when I was about to put mine in the car I was informed that there was no more room and it had to get tied to the roof. My dad eventually tied it down and off we went. After being in the car for over three hours my little cousin Maddie had to use the bathroom and I was really hungry.
Dad had stopped at a gas station that had a Mcdonalds attached and I ran in and ordered fast. All of us decided that we would sit down at the table and eat our food. When we were all done eating we got in the car and drove another 7 hours. The next stop was in Nebraska. Nebraska has a ton of nothing. As long as you could see there was nothing. Only dirt. We left there as soon as we found out that there was basically nothing.
To be honest, so far I wasn't impressed with this trip, there was nothing to look at. It seemed like nothing wanted to live out there. No trees, no grass, or anything like that. We were coming up on the first town we have seen in about 200 miles. I needed to get out of that car as soon as possible. This time Uncle
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The hotel we stayed at was not even three minutes away from the main entrance. That morning Aidan had us all up by six so we could get there and spend as much time as we needed there. We paid the parking fee and walked probably two miles to where we first could see the mountain. “This is like nothing I have ever seen!”, said Maddie. There was a gift shop and a place to get food. Of course Aiden wanted to go to the gift shop. While they did that I went to get a ice cream cone. About 45 minutes later Aidan finally picked what he wanted and the time was 3 and we hit the road for a long trip back
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