Grounding In High School Research Paper

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There are many ways to punish a child when they don’t follow the rules. Some parents punish in the act where the punishment fits the crime, but some parents often just ground their kids from “life” for a certain amount of time. Grounding a child is not an effective or efficient punishment. Grounding might actually make future situations become much worse. Many times when a parent grounds their kid, they take away the child’s phone, computer, television, and other electronic privileges. Along with taking away electronics, parents usually keep the child in the house (besides school) for a period of time. This means unless it is during the school year that kid has now lost all connections to their friends and peers. During the school year, this could cause the student to pay less attention in class because they are trying to talk to their friends while they can. Depending on the reason the kid was grounded and the amount of time the grounding took place, friends and peers could begin to distance themselves from that kid for many reasons. Some students might leave a friend who is grounded, or constantly grounded so that they don’t need to deal with someone who is cancelling plans for being grounded. Other students might leave a friend who is grounded because of the…show more content…
The parents normally won’t take that time, which will make the kid resent their parents because for all they know they are being punished too harshly which in many of cases, is probably true. If parents don’t take that time during the grounding to talk to the kid about it and grow with them, what is the real point of the punishment? It’s not like the kid is learning anything from just being grounded. However, they are just realizing what they should do so their parents don’t find out next
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