Groundwater Contamination Research Paper

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Groundwater Contamination
Sarah Katherine Sykes
25 September, 2015

GroundWater Contamination
Groundwater comes from surface water bodies or rain water, they soak into the dirt and rocks and build up in the tiny spaces between the dirt and rocks. Groundwater pollution occurs when a hazardous substance gets mixed and dissolves in the water soaked in the soil.
Groundwater becomes contaminated in multiple ways, hen rain water or surface water contaminate the soil while soaking into the ground, it becomes polluted and carries the pollution from the soil to the groundwater, it also becomes contaminated when hazardous substances soak down through the dirt or rock into the groundwater. Some liquid hazardous substances remain steady within the soil or bedrock. These substances act as long-term sources of groundwater contamination while the groundwater moves throughout the so or rock and mixes with them.
"Over 50% of the United States population depends on groundwater for drinking water. Groundwater is also one of our most important sources of water." (The Groundwater Foundation Paragraph 1) To pollutants groundwater is now susceptible. When gas, oil, road salts, and chemicals get into the ground and cause the water to be no
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While flowing throughout the ground, iron and manganese are mixed and dissolved and can be found in the water as high concentrations. There are multiple ways the water and its quality can be affected or contaminated, such as by industrial discharges, urban activities, agriculture, and disposal of waste. "Contaminants can be human-induced, from leaking fuel tanks or toxic chemical spills. Also, pesticides and fertilizers applied to lawns and crops can get into the water. Leakage from septic tanks and waste-disposal sites also can put bacteria in the water." USGS paragraph

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