Pollution Of Groundwater Essay

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Groundwater is an integral part of the environment, and hence cannot be looked upon in isolation. There has been a lack of adequate attention to water conservation, efficiency in water use, water re-use, groundwater recharge, and ecosystem sustainability. An uncontrolled use of the bore well technology has led to the extraction of groundwater at such a high rate that often recharge is not sufficient. The causes of low water availability in many regions are also directly linked to the reducing forest cover and soil degradation.
Pollution of groundwater resources has become a major problem today. The pollution of air, water, and land has an effect on the pollution and contamination of groundwater. The solid, liquid, and the gaseous waste that
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Factories may dump toxic chemicals, or rainwater may carry harmful pesticides or animal waste from farms. Such harmful substances can have negative impacts on the wildlife that live in these water bodies. These substances may also enter the groundwater, which is where people get their water to drink!
Wetlands reduce the amount of these harmful substances that enter a stream, river, pond, or lake by acting like a strainer that filters out the bad stuff. When these substances enter a wetland, before reaching the water body, wetland plants will take many of the harmful substances into their roots and change the harmful substances into less harmful ones before they are released to the water body. Harmful substances may also be buried in wetland soil, where bacteria and other microorganisms break the substances down so they are no longer harmful. Wetlands are part of the foundation of our nation 's water resources and are vital to the health of waterways and communities that are downstream. Wetlands feed downstream waters, trap floodwaters, recharge groundwater supplies, remove pollution, and provide fish and wildlife habitat. Wetlands are also economic drivers because of their key role in fishing, hunting, agriculture and

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