Group Analysis: Weekly Integrative Group Session

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Weekly Integrative Group Analysis 2
My three goals for the group session are:
• Be willing to accept silence after a conflicting situation.
• Be willing to voice my thoughts and opinions, without the need for reassurance.
• Learn to express my emotions, rather than showing all is well and pleasant, in all situations.
While I did not have the opportunity to work on the first goal, be willing to accept silence after a conflict, conflict was brought up and discussed. The conflict that was discussed was more internal conflict and my goal is to accept silence after an external conflict situation arises. While no external conflict had come up in this week’s group session, I was consciously working on my other two goals. In regards to
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She was also worried about how her reaction and her forced position in her family as a therapist would impact her work with clients in the future. This led the group to have further discussion. SR and BR self-disclosed on their past experiences of grief and loss of a loved one. SR shared how he also felt forced into the role of a therapist in her personal life, like KP. KP, SR, and BR described themselves as altruistic individuals, who put others’ needs first, before their own and in the process of helping others, they forget about themselves. Transference occurred between KS and BR, where KS mentioned she saw BR as a motherly figure. SB brought up roles and discussed how he was confused about his role in this group. JJ reciprocated similar feelings about her role in the group. Lastly, JJ asked KLB if she had the opportunity to share about herself personally and work on her goals. KLB discussed how she perceived herself as sharing personal information when agreeing with other group members’ thoughts, feelings, experiences, and emotions expressed. She asked the group whether they though she had shared personal information or not. Many group members voiced that she had not and I brought to her attention how she provides good feedback, but has not really shared anything about herself personally. KD and KDB did a great job of asking group members’ questions and bringing the group back to the here and now using activation and illumination of process. Both KD and KDB did a good job of letting the group talk amongst themselves and made it a comfortable environment to be vulnerable and self-disclose. The group was allowed to be cohesive and cathartic. People were able to get things off their chest and say what was bothering them because they felt “safe.” I really liked how KDB helped KP realize that she was having time for herself by sharing in group, through
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