Group Behavior: The Role Of Group Roles

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Each and every group should be or should have a clear structure, compatibility of interpersonal needs, the group size and as well as the roles of group members (Forsyth, 2014). The above mentioned forms part of group behavior and how groups particularly moves forward. For the purpose of this case study the researcher will focus on the roles in which the members of the group played and contributed. It is important thus to first know what are the roles.
According to Forsyth (2014) roles are particularly defined as sets of expected behavior patterns attributed to a particular member given a position in a social unit. Sometimes groups faces the period of self-oriented behavior which comes as a result of unresolved issues interfering with the task.
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Jose was the one who scheduled the meeting which was to review the development of the project. Jose initiated the group to begin with the project. Explaining and giving directions as to how the joint venture would go about.
Coordinator – The coordinator helps the group members see the results of their effort and also reduces the uncertainty of the group, the problems as well as its solutions (Johnson & Johnson, 2003). Again one can see that it was Jose’s role to help the group members see results and reduce problems thus. He reminded them that the joint ventures purpose was to create new coffins for pets. It was again José’s role to solve the problem which he encountered when the members disagreed on creating new coffins.
The roles which are process oriented are usually found around the members of the group apart from the leader. A process oriented role usually helps maintain good interpersonal atmosphere within the members of the group. The following are some of the process oriented roles which some of the members have or show (Hitt, Miller & Colella,
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Diversity works or rather blend in very well with the concept of group dynamics. Each and every group should have a different member with some unique expertise or skill to provide; when two things which are different are combined together one finds the third alternative which brings synergy in the group (Coetzee & Schreuder, 2010).
Diversity brings huge impact to group dynamics as a whole. Though the members of the group share common goals, the skills they possess should be unique and highly different. The Group that Jose is working with has different skills to bring on the table. It is thus clear that diversity accommodates group dynamics in a creative manner. As individuals perceive themselves as a group they know that they have to work with what they excel in, so that they can perform to the outmost maximum (Coetzee & Schreuder, 2010).
The task force which was under Jose’s presidency had individual’s perceiving themselves as a group, but each member giving in a different expertise he/she does well. Well it was going to be strange if there were only going to be nine members who were all doing the same thing. This whole variety we see blends in very well and proves that diversity accommodates group dynamics perfectly well (Coetzee & Schreuder, 2010).
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