Group Conduct Disorders Case Study

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Group Overview
• Indicate the type of treatment group and target population
The type of treatment group facilitated was a Conduct Disorder (CD) group for high school girls’ ages 14 - 18 years. “Disruptive, impulse-control, and conduct disorders include conditions involving problems in the self-control of emotions and behaviors” (American Psychiatric Association, 2013, p. 461). Individuals with conduct disorder typically display behaviors such as stealing, lying, running away, sexual misconduct and getting into fights.
• How would you obtain referrals for the specific group?
Referrals for this group would be obtained from High School Guidance Counselors, Parents, In-home Therapists, and the Department of Children and Families (DCF).
• How would
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The long term goal was to show a greater sense of empathy, concern and sensitivity towards the feelings of others as well as to display a greater sense of control over one’s behavior and emotions. The short-term goals were identified as to identify family dynamics and stressors that caused and or triggered behavioral problems. The second short term goal was to demonstrate anger through appropriate expressions and healthy physical outlets. Evaluation of the goals will be done by tracking the girls’ progress through data tracking, documenting the girls’ attendance and participation as well as revision of S.O.A.P…show more content…
This is a closed group and group members are expected to attend all sessions.
Different Uses of Group Leaders
Both Social Workers decided to use the facilitator, co-facilitator and therapist functions within the group. We decided that using the facilitator, co-facilitator and therapist create a more tranquil environment for the teen girls. At times people will assign preconceived definitions to titles and the aim of the sessions was to engage the girls in an interactive process where they felt at ease to express themselves without fear of being fixed by a therapist or just having someone who wanted to speak on their behalf rather, we wanted the girls to see the facilitator and co-facilitator as simply helpers.
Self-assessment/Critique (You and your group partner will submit ONE paper only. This paper will also include your individual self-assessment
• What were the biggest challenges you faced in developing and implementing the group?
• What parts of the group process do you think went well? What aspects contributed to the wellness of the group
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