Group Development In Remember The Titans

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The group development in Remember the Titans is not an ordinary group development that is usually connected in today's society. Of Course, this movie is based on the 1970s and discrimination and racial equality is extremely different, but the theories played throughout the movie still hold upon today. Throughout the course of the movie, the community, school and football team of T.C. Williams definitely goes through and touches through stage two/ three of group development which is getting to know each other more. During camp, all-star player/all American, Gerry Bertier makes the whole team no matter the color, that he is the captain and makes the decisions on the team. Little does Gerry, know that Julius Campbell is a leader too, making…show more content…
At the start of the movie, when Herman Boone is hired to become the head coach of T.C. Williams replacing Bill Yoast. At first, Bill Yoast is extremely displeased and announces he will take another head coaching position. Players also disagree with the coaching change saying that they will boycott the team for the season, fearing that the players will lose their scholarships, Bill Yoast returns to the team, displaying role conflict.
Primary groups in Remember the Titans, aren’t necessary easily profound in the beginning. However, at the end of the movie especially when the again Hollywood effect plays in Gerry’s accident of paralyzes him brings the team together as a primary group. A primary group is when they share personal relationships and so forth. If the T.C. Williams wasn’t a primary group they would not be at Gerry’s comfort among other activities.
The movie displays several types of leadership. Herman Boone provides the majority of the leadership at the beginning of the movie. Since the team had no chemistry, he took to them camp where he out loud and made sure everyone knew who is in charge, no matter the color of the player he will treat the same. Herman Boone makes it clear the best player will
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