Group Egocentrism: The Definition Of Socio-Centrism

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Human always occupied by in non-logical behavior. We act inconsistently, ignore relevant evidences, jump to conclusions, and say and believe things that don’t make good sense. We deceive ourselves in many ways. Behind human irrationality are two covered and interrelated motivating stimulants. One of them is socio-centrism which is the focus of the topic. Human socio-centrism conceptualized most simply as group egocentricity. According to oxford dictionary socio-centrism is defined as dominant or principal focus onthe community, rather than the individual. Socio-centrism thought basically operates from two central tendencies:
i. Be in quest to get what it wants without considering the right and needs of others. ii. Justifying the
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How can we divert our mind from socio-centric thinking as a skilled thinker?

The most important information in these sections is:
• Author provides some examples of socio-centric thoughts that we apply in our daily life which is followed by nation, culture, profession, religion, family, and peer group. Ex: o A name that describes who and what we are. o A style of interacting. o A set of friends and enemies. o Gangs rituals in which they must get involved. o Anticipated characters involving fellow group members. o Anticipated characters when around the enemies of the group. o A social order of dominance within the group. o A style of dressing and communicating. o Community demands to which every group member must obey. o A set of prohibition (forbidden acts that group members should avoid under risk of extreme punishment).
• Author also gave some précised and accurate idea on socio-centrism by these examples: o Folkways were written by William Graham Sumner, who was one of the founders of discipline of sociology. He used the concept ethno-centrism which means the thinking in which one’s group is the reference of everything in the seminal book. It is relevant to the topic of this section because the term ethno-centrism is related to
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 Ethno-centrism
 It refers to the view of thinking in which one’s own group is the reference of everything which is influenced by its own folkway.
 Author relates the term ethno-centrism and socio-centrism.
 He stated that ethno-centrism is the view of thinking in which one’s group is the center of everything and decided with reference to it whereas socio-centrism is the thinking that functions to serve the selfish interest of a group.
 Both the term related to each other in the way they serve the community.

The main assumption underlying author’s assumption is a central determinant in the life of human is the group to which they belong. The author assumes that socio-centrism is based on the assumption that one’s own social group is essentially and obviously high standard to all others. When a group or society sees itself as high standard and so considers its view as correct or as the only reasonable or justifiable views, and when a group perceives all its action as justified, it has a tendency to think closed-mindedly. Dissent and doubt are considered unfaithful and are rejected.
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