My Experience In Group Work

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Working in a group can be a very delightful or a very frightening experience. I based the previous sentence on my personal experience because I have seen both the good as well as the bad side of team work. I will share my previous experience in the following paper which I happened to encounter at AUM during the English 100 course.

At first to begin with, we were paired up as a group of 4 girls against our choice. It gave me a negative feeling at first because we were put into a group by force and were completely unknown. At first that awkward moment of silence prevailed whereas, slowly we started introducing ourselves and blending in. This was a friendly process because we formed a group instead of just being a number of girls. This was
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We lost enough of grades and so I decided to take some action in order to improve such behavior because such irresponsibility was unacceptable. I started to make a time management plan because I realized that without making a proper time schedule the girls would not co-operate. So, my second strategy to reach an A grade was to increase social contact among our group members as we only talked during class times we began to text as well as meet up outside class hours to give each other feedback regarding the project. The positive experiences that I gained was that no matter where or how a person goes social as well as time management skills are very important. In order to be punctual and successful in life one must respect and follow time. If a person does not respect and value time he or she will always lack in some way or the other. From this harsh but valuable experience I learnt that no matter where you go you will always have to deal with people who may lack in social skills and may not want to blend in as much as you do. Even though people may not realize it but they might hurt others feelings unknowingly due to the lack of communication or social skills by ignoring or just not replying to a question, comment or concern. English 100 was not the only course where I faced such difficulty but there were many other courses which made me go through such experiences of not having as hard working group members as me. Usually I was put in to groups which did not want to work until the very last minute or who would try to find an easy way out of doing
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