Group Facilitators Research Paper

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Group facilitators values can tell a lot about whether a group program will be successful for certain individuals. However, it is important, group facilitators keep a select amount of key values. Facilitators should always respect the members, acknowledging each member as unique individuals. The group facilitator should value sense of hope. Although a group facilitator does not have to acknowledge the behaviors or thoughts of a member as right or wrong, or moral in any way. It is important for the facilitator to accept that it is a thought, behavior, or experience of the member and attempt to understand it. Group leaders should also value every member with sympathy, respect, empathy, genuine acceptance, and unconditional positive regard. Leaders should also value members’ choices and opinions, as well as, acknowledge each member is…show more content…
Group facilitators should have an approachable and authentic temperament. If the facilitator does not give a welcoming and genuine attitude, they may find it difficult to work with and help the members. During the sessions, equal treatment must be given to all members, while also knowing how to reflect the variances of everyone’s personalities. Group facilitators must be persevering and temperate to understand the difficulties of the group and have resolve in helping an individual throughout the whole group process and can help individuals achieve the group goals for all members of the group. This means having empathy for the members. The facilitator must be well-thought-of to get the respect of all members as someone they can consider a good role model. Being committed in helping individuals empower themselves must be one of the facilitators’ main focuses. Competent facilitators should develop a confident and determined atmosphere in a group session. Facilitators must establish a professional attitude in carrying out the
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