Group Project: Personal Responsibility

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Task / Situation Responsibility While attending school at the University of Waterloo, many of my courses incorporated group assignments. My recreation therapy facility course is an example of a class that incorporated a group project. The project for that course was a presentation of a Sensory Stimulation, Recreation Therapy Facilitation. In preparation for the facilitation presentation, I worked with two other group members. Responsibility was a key component in assuring our facilitation assignment was success. This particular group project consisted of both a written and presentation portion. In order to assure that all the pieces of the presentation and write up came together, I had to take individual responsibility to assure my components…show more content…
Staying on the ball, and being organized were key in the success of the completion of my portions of the project. Therefore, I had to assure that I clearly understood and comprehended my parts that were assigned to me. Once having a clear vision of what my parts encompassed, I planned and scheduled set times to focus and work on the project. Even when experiencing some setbacks, I worked around my schedule prioritizing my work to assure completion. While bouncing some ideas off my group members, I worked independently, and understood that the completion of my parts was my personal responsibility. Setting times in my schedule to work on my parts, allowed me to complete the written portions in a timely fashion. This left me extra time to revise and edit, while still meeting the deadline. Working hard, and submitting well written pieces with a great deal of creativity, demonstrated to my group members that I was keen and committed to the project. My other group members were able to see that I was a reliable group member when I took the initiation to start up and organize the PowerPoint presentation portion of the project. Throughout the entire process of the project, I strived to maintain communication, with other members on how my process was going and appointed or answered any questions. When asked any questions about the project over email, I was prompt and replied to my group members as soon as I could. For the facilitation presentation part of the assignment, we required an extensive list of equipment. I contributed to the creation of the list of equipment, which consisted of, brainstorming formulating ideas and possible solutions. I also took on the responsibility, to supply our group with certain equipment and tools, in which I assured I provided the day of the presentation. Finally, for the presentation, I had certain roles in which I presented. I took

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