Group Psychology And The Analysis Of The Ego Analysis

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One of history’s well known and most influential psychologist was Sigmund Freud. He founded the study of Psychoanalysis, which is the study of the “unconscious mind”. He also did other studies such as dream interpretations and repression. However, up to this day some of Freud’s theories are controversial in our world today. Freud wrote a book called “Group Psychology & the Analysis of the Ego” where he argues and investigate group behavior is psychoanalysis. His book arises many questions about groups, such as how do groups influence people’s behaviors? Or how much is one willing to do to fit into one’s group? In Freud book “Group Psychology & the Analysis of the Ego”, he talks a lot about Group Psychology and conformity. Conformity refers…show more content…
There are two types of instincts, which is Aggressions and Libido. Aggression is where we destroy and try to conquer and our Libido is based on sexual energy. Freud theory of groups, is that the leader is put in the place of the Ego ideal. This means that each member shares the same Ego ideal, which is the leader. Each member wants the leader’s approval, which makes them become like children again. In a way they are seeking approval and love from a parent. This shows that we would give up our own Superego so there is no criticism. In a way Freud shows us where the object of our love, replaces our Ego ideal and we only want to be close to him or her so we can restrain normal judgement, in order to maintain an ideal view of the person we love. The leader, captures the needs, desires and fears of the group. Members of a group believe in this illusion in which they think they are equal and just as loved by their…show more content…
There was no pressure to conform in others. Milgram experiment was based on an electric shock and the study found that sixty- three percent conformed in the maximum level of shock. Milgram study proves that when one has control and all the power, it can make them overcome their own morals and principles. According to Milgram, people turn to the fundamental attribution error when looking at such situations. The most fundamental lesson of Milgram study is that even ordinary people, who are simply doing their jobs, can become unnoticed with such power in one’s
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