The Importance Of Group Sharing

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Students are expecting an attractive and fun learning to motivate and to help them understand the lesson. Teachers, as the ones who manage a learning activity, have been designed group sharing model that can promote an interesting and engaging learning. This paper explores the issue regarding the role of group sharing learning model in promoting a fun and effective learning. The purpose of the current study is to describe the role of the learning model in achieving its targets. It can be inferred that the group sharing learning model is able to have the students engaged in the activity because the model allows them to be creative in developing their competence. Furthermore, this effective learning integrates the concepts from each member of…show more content…
This term shares some similarities with strategy, method, and learning approach. Recently, there have been a number of learning models developed range from the simple to the complex one due to the instruments needed in its implementation. Therefore, a teacher is required to possess teaching competence to motivate his or her students, to design an instructional model, to manage the class, to communicate and plan the learning, and to conduct an effective evaluation (Mars, 1996).
Group sharing is a learning model which allows the students to develop their competence on their own through producing their works based on the designed materials. The implementation of this learning method aims at promoting an effective learning. Furthermore, Griffiths (2015) adds several characteristics of an effective learning, such as transformative, active, interactive, intrinsically motivating, and
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Therefore, it is the main duty of a teacher to design a learning that could motivate the students to be creative and active as it can eliminate boredom during the learning. This is in line with Zinn’s argument that developing students’ capacity to think creatively and critically through fun but serious learning (Zinn, 2008). Designing a fun learning is not that difficult for teachers since they can utilise a number of media to support them in their practice. The rapid pace of technology development will help them during the implementation of a particular learning model in motivating the students. According to Saeedeh et al (2015), a project-based learning model that integrates some aspects of designing, science, and technology is effective to raise students’ enthusiasm and participation. Fun learning contributes to the students’ learning outcome. According to Packer and Ballantyne (as cited in Winkle, 2014), both the aspect of fun and entertainment is related to an idea that an enjoyable situation is a key to a successful learning based on the students’ perspective. Therefore, the group sharing model offers a learning that can create such a condition in promoting students’ curiosity regarding a particular lesson. Boddy et al (2003) add that motivation can lead the students to learn and vice versa. Motivation and learning are interdependent, both are supporting each
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