Group Therapy Argumentative Essay

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n today’s society, and in some instances counseling has been viewed as a sign of weakness. Although, many people have found counseling to be a life changing experience while others that have not seek it never seem to progress in their lives. How does seeking group counseling make a difference? Seeking the proper help and skilled practitioners specialized in the area in need can certainly make a difference and help the individual traverse the obstacles to change, but success solely lies in the individual and how serious they take the recommendations. The research topic that I choose to write about is to further interpret and analyze group counseling as a whole and the benefits we attain when we seek it. What does a person experience when they…show more content…
I have realized that group therapy brings people together and each individual has the opportunity to share, work on common goals, where members have the opportunity to talk about how they feel in relation to each other. Each individual gets the encouragement to talk about their sorrows and any problems they may be having in their daily lives. Also another beneficial things about group therapy is that each group is specifically tailored to the individual’s needs. Where no one is judging or criticizing one another, but rather helping each other and lifting one another. Group therapy helps the individual realize they are not alone. There has been some instances where the individual feels weird and awkward thinking that they are the only ones going through those struggles without knowing that there may be other people experiencing the same things and together with the help of a trained professional, they can move forward. Group therapy gives the individual a voice, and helps them express their feelings and needs. Some practitioners strongly encourage their members to notice how they are feeling throughout the session and talk about

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