Group Therapy Reflection Paper

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COU 3012 Group Dynamics and Group Skills

Dr. Fung Suk Chun Pat
Reflection paper

Introduction 70
Therapeutic Factor: Catharsis 276
Catharsis is always assumed to be a significant therapeutic factor in the therapeutic process. Through experiencing and expressing both positive and negative feelings freely and receiving supportive feedback in group, members can experience relief from pain, guilt and stress (Yalom, 1995).
In the activity Life Journey (生命旅程), I acted as a member and needed to write down and share about things which were unforgettable or people who influenced me deeply in my life so far and the age that I experienced the unforgettable things or met the people. I shared about how I felt stressed and
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Being hopeful is having faith in the present which motivate individuals to overcome their problems. In group therapy, members can observe, be inspired and encouraged by others who have problems similar to them yet cope with problems better. Hope is them mobilized as members witnessed that change and resolution is possible from the others.
In the group activity My Epitaph我的墓誌銘, we needed to conclude our life by simple sentences. I acted as a member in this activity. In my Epitaph, I shared about my personal characteristics hardworking but not smart, there is no any big achievement like brilliant academic result or won awards of sports or music in my life. Growing up in a middle class family, I do not need to worry about financial burden, yet my family and I was not rich. Moreover, I did not have many friends who understand me except the best friends in secondary school. Originally I felt quite hopeless and I could not control my life. Yet, listening to the sharing of the others, I

Therapeutic Factor: Universality
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Yet, all of them should not be operated separately, they should be practiced together instead as they are interdependent and can function the best so as to maximize the effectiveness of healing during group
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