Group Work Benefits

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“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” This was spoken by Steve Jobs and it means that we accomplish more together, than alone. I included this in my essay to help me explain the reasons why I am for group work. Group work is beneficial because it teaches communication, responsibility, and how you can learn from others. First of all, one reason why I am for group work is communication. Communication can help you speak for yourself. Speaking for yourself can lead you to many different places, like at wor. For instance, let’s say that there is an important business issue and needs to be resolved. You are not a talkative person, but you have an idea, so you decide to speak up for yourself. After communicating the idea that you had about the situation, you help the business get back on its feet. Later that week, your boss calls you into his office, and he gives you a promotion because you help the business get back onto its feet.…show more content…
Responsibility can help you with life skills. One way it helps with group work, let say you get a certain assignment for a project. If you have a certain assignment, knowing that others are depending on you could help with responsibility. Another way that responsibility can help with group work is that not everyone in your group is going to do there. For example, your teacher assigns you with a group, your all happy because you're with your friends. Well, later you learn that one of your buddies doesn't want to be active has everyone else, so you have to do a little more work than what you want, because you can’t always depend on everyone to do their part. One last way responsibility can help with group work is that he improves your participant. Participance is a big part of group work, if you participate in your group then you will be able to get most or all of your work done and may be able to get a grade on the
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