Benefit Of Group Work Essay

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Have you ever thought that group work helps you out? Some people think that its necessary to have 1 or more people working with you to get finished faster, and to also be more responsible when turning in work. “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is process, and working together is success,” said Henry Ford. That statement is very true, and makes so much sense when working in groups. I believe that group work is necessary because it can be helpful, it allows you to share and express multiple opinions, make new friends, and finally, be more efficient. To begin with, I think group work is very necessary and very helpful. It can make you less stressful about getting an assignment finished, and much more. You can get work finished…show more content…
If you do not know the person well, do not just be quiet and shy, get to know him or her. You never know, they might be really nice, and could possible come out to be your best friend. Think about it. If you are just sitting there, not even saying a single word, then it is going to be very awkward and quiet. Not only that, but you will never be their friend. See, if you are in a group with people that you already know, then it would be easier to work. Therefore, with people that you have never seen before or just haven 't ever talked to, you have to speak up so it won 't be awkward and silent. You never know, like I said, if you like them and would like to be there friend. Also, if you are silent, then it is pretty much like you are working all by yourself. The only difference is that you are sitting with a couple of people doing the work instead of being with nobody doing it on your own. To make friends, you obviously have to talk to them and get to know them more. It plays a big part with working in groups at times. That is only if you aren 't friends with the people you are working with. With people you know, it is going to be like a normal and talking type of group. In addition, communicating is the whole idea of working in groups. When working in groups, students tend to talk about hobbies and what not. Like previously stated, you make new friends and meet new people by communicating
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