Disadvantages Of Group Work In Schools

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Likewise, their exam results showed the positive effect of group work in mathematics. Students in the experimental group performed better in the integration section of the exams than the control group. Based on the results of the experiment and questionnaire, Sofroniou and Poutos (2016:7) concluded that it can be said that group work learning, especially group discussion,“helped to deepen students’ understanding and to develop critical and analytical thinking skills”. Furthermore, Sofroniou and Poutos (2016:12) emphasised the importance of group work in learning skills that learners can gain through discussion during group work because currently many of employers are looking for people who “are able to work collaboratively” and “solve…show more content…
Eight black students were selected to interview because the Black student is the majority of the University of Technology (UT) and “highest failure occurs” in the Black population. Moreover, these eight Black students were chosen because they “attended disadvantaged former Black schools”. Armien and le Roux (2010) discovered the benefits and limitations of group discussion in mathematics through interviewing these eight students. They found that group work does not only happen during school time but also during non-school hours. One of the interviewees described that group discussion happened “naturally” (Armien & le Roux, 2010:48). Armien and le Roux (2010) analysed this statement that students were aware of the importance and effectiveness of group work when solving problems. By sharing ideas, talking about a difficult problem, explaining to one another and discussing the problem, students were able to solve the problem which they were unable to solve when they tried individually. One of the interviewees explained that peer’s explanations were “different to the lecturer’s [teacher’s] explanation” and sometimes were more helpful. Students discovered or shared a shorter and easier method to get to an answer (Armien & le Roux, 2010:49). The benefits of group work in mathematics that have not been…show more content…
Although group discussion is not a main concern of all the work, the concept of group discussion and group work are inseparable. Therefore, it is possible to apply some of the benefits and concepts mentioned in each work for the purpose of this research. The main ideas and skills of group work are working collaboratively, sharing ideas, and solving problems as a group. These activities can be done during group discussion. For example, when learners are given a problem to solve as a group, each learner in a group has to try it first by him/herself. In doing so, learners are given time to work independently. After this time, learners discuss the problem as a group. They share ideas, evaluate one another's work, attempt to find a solution, learn from one another and eventually solve the problem. In this way, the concept of group discussion can be effectively used in this research. The literature found that group discussion is beneficial when teaching mathematics. Mathematical teachers can, therefore, make use of group discussion and encourage learners to use group discussion as a problem solving method. The outcome will not be shown in a short time but, according to the literature studied in this research it will eventually improve mathematics performance in South

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