Client Population

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Description of the client population
Social workers work with clients, (children, youth, and families) from varied ethnic, religious, cultural social and economic backgrounds and communities. At the New Beginnings Transit Home the client population is made up of children or young persons between the ages of 2 – 16 years who are victims of child abuse and severe neglect and who are in need of care and protection (Charles-Inglis, 2017). It is imperative to understand the client population which the transit home deals with as it involves vulnerable individuals with unique strengths, needs and challenges and clients are usually un-documented and come from a lower socioeconomic status (Bates-Derose, 2017).
The following questions aid in assisting
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Casework practice at the transit home consists of complying client demographics and other family members to better assist and service the families (Bates-Derose, 2017). By aiding the family to work together and by dealing with specific issues which the family experiences, the social worker is able to engage the two types of family interventions which are designed for assisting and strengthening families. The main skills or techniques used by social workers in casework are counselling and mediation (Sowk unit 7 pg. 257). The main reasons for using group work in social work are meeting people’s need to belong and using mutual aid for empowerment while developing personal growth, enhancing social functioning, social goals and promoting social justice. The group worker main objective is to engage the group in activities that facilitate the overall growth and development of the group and of each member. There are two main types of groups namely treatment groups and task groups (Sowk unit 7 pg. 257). Group work is assists social workers through the use of intervention methods to provide assistance to help individual members to cope with and resolve existing problems in their psychosocial functioning, prevent anticipated problems, or maintain an acceptable level of functioning in situations.…show more content…
However the opposite of these values and practices may very well impede intervention process (Charles-Inglis, 2017). As social workers we are required to not bring our personal values into work and make an attempt to go into the home with an open mind, however it may be difficult if the social worker may come from a background in which you were hit as a child and will be of the opinion that there is nothing wrong with physical discipline (Bates-Derose, 2017). In order to alleviate the impediment of values and practices the social workers at the transit home practice reflective practice through introspection, journals and logs, effective supervision and support and
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