Group Work Reflection

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Reflection is seen as a type of mental preparing that we use to satisfy a reason or to accomplish some foreseen result (Moon, 2013). As per Rosier (2002), the way of reflection, exhibits an open door for a person to increase assist knowledge into his/her work through critical evaluating on encounters, and through further consultations of different perspectives like theories and originators. Going to this process, it encourages us to learn from our actions. On the off chance that we have committed errors, we do not need to rehash them. If we had victories, we can grapple the activities that helped us succeed. This reflective report aims to present and evaluate the group work project in which I was part of. Based on the project management…show more content…
I and Alexandru tried to create a cohesive team, to help our colleagues in understanding the goal and as a result we all became more involved. We used an amicably approach and everybody felt significant.
d) Performing - even if we were agreeing to follow the same procedures we could not establish our standards and roles very well and therefore we were still facing an augmented role uncertainty. The short time completion and the unequal involvement could not bring us a high performance. I was impressed that some of us revealed exceptional problem-solving skills and decision making. Overall, we maintained the required level of common cooperation.
e) Adjourning – our team cooperation finished with the task completion and we have not decided if we will work together in the future. We benefited of a new experience with different personalities and cultures and we helped each other to boost our confidence. I can admit that I felt empowered and assisted by my colleagues through all the process. I have gained knowledges from my peers and I learnt how important is to be patient with the people, to express my ideas and to take
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