Group Work Remediation Research Paper

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Group Work Remediation Essay
Rebecca Darnell

Developing a Proposal for a Group
When a leader is forming a group, they will need to develop a proposal for the group. They need to know what type of group will it be: will it be long term or short term, who is the group for, what is the population? Make sure you know the developmental needs of the group. The leader needs to make sure they are skilled in the group process and understand the context of the group. What is the goal or purpose of the group? The leader will want to determine how many members will be in the group, how often does the group meet, where will the groups take place, what is the hourly duration of the group, will new people be allowed in the group once
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The leader needs a group proposal, to select group members, screen the members, and set up an orientation during the pre-group stage.
It is a positive practice for group therapy. A group leader can establish expectations, set up group rules, role preparation and skill building. The members also learn the diversity of the group, time limits, and how the group works. Many times members that know their behavior expectations will perform in a higher level of understanding and be more successful in group.
Initial Stage of Group
During the initial stage of group members are new to the group. They may be acting like they think society thinks they should act and not how they really feel. This is probably because they are anxious about the group or the reactions the group members may give them. As they become comfortable, members of the group start to relax and understand group functions. The initial stage is where the group norms are set up, the expectations are laid out, and personal goals are set. As the interactions are taking place, members are also determining if the group is a safe place for them to openly share with others. The leader has a great deal of assistance when it comes to members feeling safe. If the leader is open and reacts to members calmly, this can assist in the feeling of a safe
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Another type of role that a group member can play is the maintenance role. The maintenance roles that a member can acquire is: the Encourager, the Harmonizer, the Compromiser, the Gate Keeper, the Standard Setter, the Group Observer, the Summarizer, and the Reality Tester. The maintenance role is an important part of the group because they try to keep the group on the right track and are in tune with the feelings and dynamics of the group. Which roles a member plays depends on their ability, personality and
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