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All About the Grouper The grouper is basically a kind of fish under the family of sea creatures that include the sea bass. They have a sort of scary looking build, which makes them popular for use by artists in some TV cartoon series. So, what does the grouper exactly look like? Picture this: a fat body, a huge mouth, and an overall aura that will basically tell everybody who will see them that they are not worth this grouper 's time and attention. In short, they look like very bossy creatures, but their bodies are just too heavy for them to move for long distances. This is also the reason why grouper can typically be found lurking on the sea floor. But in spite of the rather sedentary looks of the grouper, they are actually among the most formidable sea creatures living under water. While its lazy looks might feel safe, suddenly, it is going to take a bite out of basically everything that moves near it. The grouper is fond of crustaceans such as lobsters and crabs, as well as octopuses, and smaller fishes. They do not chew the food they eat; rather, they simply swallow it. But that doesn 't mean these food items for them would turn out to be whole once they excreted them, because, unknown to many, the grouper actually has a gigantic tooth which is situated just right on the corners of its jaw, which is used for crushing the sea…show more content…
Grouper as Food Meanwhile, while some sea creatures are deemed tasty for the grouper, grouper may simply just be as tasty for human beings. That is because its flesh is lean and firm. This characteristic makes the grouper fit for whatever cooking preparation one puts it into, such as fried, broiled, baked, or even grilled. However, the recorded risk of ciguatera poisoning associated with eating grouper is quite high, so some experts advise people to stick to just five pounds of grouper at a time, so that the risk will be minimized. Grouper is best when bought live, and not frozen or chilled, from the fresh goods market. On Grouper

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