Groups In The Outsiders

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Have you ever thought about all the gangs, groups, or cliques there are in your school? Well they 're everywhere. In the book Outsiders, there are two main groups and they are totally different from each other and the rest. These two groups absolutely hate each other, and somehow they haven 't killed each other yet. The greasers are on their own a lot and aren 't as fortunate as the other groups. They are also the troublemakers. This gang is a tight gang, they fight for each other and protect each other. The socs are the popular group, they have every little thing they want, and don 't even realize how lucky they are. Except for Cherry, she has a different perspective on how things work. The day Ponyboy met Cherry was the day he realized that some of the socs aren 't as bad as he thinks. I picked this passage because it relates to our school or any school. Every school has groups of best friends, that don 't necessarily like anyone else but their own group. There are…show more content…
This passage advances the plot line because when Cherry and Ponyboy are talking, they get into a really deep conversation about how the socs and greasers are different, and why they 're different. In the passage Ponyboy explains how he can actually talk to her and it was probably the same reason she could really talk to him. This little sentence has so much meaning. It is saying that maybe the socs and the greasers aren 't that different from each other after all. They just were born thinking that way and don 't know what other way to think, which explains why the two groups hate each other. These events could lead up to a bunch of different endings, but one possibility is that Cherry is going to help the greasers and somehow they will become closer as a whole group. Another possible theory would be that Ponyboy and Johnny will get away with their murder because they saved the little kids in the fire. Although, this could also back fire on them, because they caused the fire, and had run away from
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