Groupthink Causes Of The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War is a war that America is not ready to forget and maybe the longest war in the US history. With a death toll of more than 50000 Americans and over 2 million Vietnamese, the Vietnam War was considered a failure by default. Many still wonder how President Lyndon Johnson could have undertaken such a bias decision in terms of this war. Surprisingly, according to Janis L. (n.d.), this was the fruit of groupthink that created the escalation of this war. Today we are going to narrate more about the groupthink effect that caused this war and how it could have been tackled otherwise. Base on Janice L. research, the decision was not only President Johnson 's, but a small group of influential people, bearing the caliber to advise him. The group included White house assistant McGeorge Bundy, Press Secretary William Moyers, secretary of defense Robert McNamara, secretary of state Dean Rusk, undersecretary of state George Ball, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Earle Wheeler, and director of the Central Intelligence Agency Richard Helms (Janis L., n.d.). Several observers and interviewers came to the conclusion that this group of people faced the groupthink dilemma and many decisions taken where biased but backed by group pressure and stereotyped thinking. Further we will get into the details of how groupthink took place in this situation (Janis L., n.d.) What was concluded base on research was that members of this group used unemotional terms to attach

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