Grout Color Analysis

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Tips for Choosing the Right Grout Color for Your Tile Floors

The function of grout not only plays an important role in protecting the edges of your tile from becoming cracked or damaged but also makes a great impact on the overall finished appearance of your tile floors. Therefore, in addition to choosing the right tile size, color, and shape for one or more rooms in your home, it is also important to consider what grout color would be the best choice for your flooring design. There are three basic categories of grout color that can help homeowners make the best decision for their flooring project: matching or blending grout, neutral grout, or contrasting grout.

If you want your tile floors to become the main focal point of the room, then
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Try installing some tile on a piece of plywood or another solid flat surface. Select up to four different shades of grout samples that you have in mind and place one on each side of the tile. Allow the grout to cure properly before making a decision on which color that you want to choose. Since grout can take several days and sometimes weeks to fully cure, make sure you give it enough time to dry completely before making a final decision. When using several shades of grout sticks, also keep in mind that the samples will typically appear lighter when it dries than the initial time you first applied the grout. Therefore, if you want your grout to blend, make sure to select a slighter darker grout color. Be sure also to view your grout and tile samples in different types of lighting. For example, grout will look different in a room lighted with fluorescent, incandescent, natural, or LED lighting. Also, similar to keeping a few extra tiles aside in case of making repairs in the future, be sure to always place a small amount of unmixed grout aside as well so you can match the original grout color

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