Grow Grant Proposal Essay

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ONTARIO TRILLIUM FOUNDATION Mandate is to build healthy communities. Plan the problem and then measures the solution how this plan can better our community. Note: What most of foundation funding organization fund are; 1. Active people 2. Connected people 3. Green people. 4. Inspired people 5. Prosperous people 6. Promising young people. We should remember that non-profits are changing and evolving to tackling complex issues and demonstrate the impact. GROW GRANT Grow grant support projects that drive and achieve greater impact in a community, with a grow grant we can expand our existing successful project to reach more people. We can also adapt our project to bring it to new communities; we can replicate or adapt a proven project that we know has worked somewhere else. Grow grants provides up to $50 - $250,000 per year for 2 to 3 years. Note that, to lead change, trillium focus their action areas …show more content…

To take a proven program out of the clinic and move into non-clinical setting. These will support up to 600 youths to get the health their need in 10 local community center. Once we (Acorn 2Oak) identify the right investment stream our project; what we (Acorn 2Oak) have to do next are: 1. Make sure we have the evidence to show how and why the existing project was successful. This evidence could be measured results from documented research or formal evaluations. It could even be a proven result from a see-project. For instance, what we (Acorn 2Oak) has done before. 2. Visit and identify one priority outcome and grant result that strongly align with our (Acorn 2Oak) project. 3. After all this, we (Acorn 2Oak) need to think about the link between the need in the community, I mean how the need of the community, what they lack. Also think how our (Acorn 2Oak) project will address that

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