Growing Up In Life

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Growing up seemed to happen really fast. There has been lots of obstacles in the road to success. The environment I grew up in was pretty rough around me were gang members and drug dealers; I could have easily went down the wrong path. My environment that I lived in also helped shape into the person I am today, because I saw the people that lived in my community in and out of jail, risking their life selling drugs, robbing people just to put food on the table. I didn’t want to live like that. That was the environment I grew up in but due to the fact I’ve had positive influences in my life I was able to stay on the right path. Growing up my dad was never around, so my mom always played both roles for my little brother and I. My mom has always been strict on me regarding my school work, never letting us miss a day of school, and made sure we stayed in sports. She raised us to…show more content…
Growing up my grandpa was always there helping my mom, with my brother, and I. For a short time period my mother lost custody of my brother and I. We were fortunate that my grandfather stepped in to take care of us until my mother was allowed to care for us again. My grandfather is the reason why I've been involved in sports and school .He taught me so much about this world, he has always believed in me, knows I can do big things. Hes taught me that life isn’t going to be easy there will be people who will try to bring you down ,but there will be people who will bring you up. He taught me that there will be times when I’m down and in an uncomfortable situation, but I just have to keep a positive attitude. He has always told me to always keep an open mind and try new things, to always push myself, and to never give up. I look up to my grandpa so much. Why ? He never gave up on me,never saw the bad in someone. He has always never had problems with someone. People gave and has so much respect for him because he was kind
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