Growing Up In Poverty

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Loud streets , gunshots , car alarms are the sounds of the streets. Drugs , fights and even maybe shootouts or even people being thrown out on the streets . Could these all have an effect on a child ? Yes , growing up in poverty could have a major impact on a child 's life. It could have a mental effect, physical effect and could have a bad impact on your life in the future. I decided to discuss this topic because there are cases like this everyday where kids grow up knowing their life is headed in the wrong direction. I think this topic is important because there is kids all around us who are going through this and sometimes they don 't even notice they are. "Poverty of goods is easily cured; poverty of the mind is irreparable." -Michel de Montaigne . Growing Up in poverty could have a mental effect on a child. Factors like their surroundings they grow up in , could change their whole look on the world. Environmental reasons could lead to a lack in a child 's learning skills and would reduce the chances of kids moving past their parents. Stress levels would be thrown off causing anxiety and distractions. Focusing on school would be almost impossible. Being brought up around drugs and violence in some cases would mess up their social expectations. Also pushing them towards the wrong crowd . Children have heightened emotional which would cause less regulation and uncontrollable emotions. This means children won’t be able to tell what’s right from wrong and would not be
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