Growing Up In Schalet's The Sleepover Question

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Every family regardless of race and culture, have different beliefs. Some families are very strict and religious beliefs, whereas others are very lenient and understanding. I believe life can be very difficult growing up as a teenager considering the fact that most parents want their children to follow in their footsteps or they push them to live the dream that they never were unable to live. Teenagers are their own individual and their parents should consider what is important to them. While reading “The Sleepover Question” by Schalet, the story triggered memories from my past as a teenager. Growing up in an American household was a challenge. The topic of sex seemed to be forbidden. My parents would always tell me that I couldn’t date until I was eighteen years old. If I ever asked about dating, they would never give me the time of day. When I was sixteen years old, I met a boy that I was interested in. We soon starting dating and I kept it a secret from my parents because I knew that they would disapprove. I can relate to Kimberly in the story, “The Sleepover Question”. She had…show more content…
Teenagers in this time of day are becoming more independent and developing much sooner than before. I believe parents should be open with their children in order to prevent secrecy and unsafe sex. Teenagers should have a sex education class and be able to have access to birth control. Race and culture doesn’t change an individual’s sexual desires. When families run into this kind of controversial topic, they should consider their beliefs, but also incorporate the beliefs of their teens. Meeting halfway allows the whole family to be happy, even if limits are set. Teenagers shouldn’t have to sneak around because their actions are not something their parents believe in or it diverts from their religion. Race and cultural practices always stay the same but new beliefs and better ways are always
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