Growing Up In 'Ten Indian' By Ernest Hemingway

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“IT IS OKAY to make mistakes nobody’s perfect” that was one of the phase’s that we would always hear growing up. In this short story “Ten Indians” by Ernest Hemingway we get a clear picture about growing up which is one of the overall theme. Growing up takes a big part in this story we get to hear what Nick is going through, and how he expresses himself. Growing up we experience a lot of things such love, heartbreaks, and we have our ups and downs. In this short story (analyze), I will be focusing on the characters, Hemingway’s writing/ language, and finally interpretation, it would all be linked to the theme growing up.

The characters that I will be focusing on is Nick Adams, his father, and little on the Garner family. We first meet Nick Adams on the wagon with the Garner family on their journey back home after the fourth of July celebration. Nick seems to be close to the family, they call him by his nickname “Nickie”. You can see that Nick Adams and the Garner family are comfortable with each other’s. They teased Nick Adams about Prudence Mitchell very openly, “felt hollow and happy inside himself to be teased about Prudence Mitchell” “She isn’t my girl,” Nick as a hard time expressing himself, he also denies the way he feels toward Prudence Mitchell. Nick overall seems to be very mature, well-mannered, however not so sure about his feeling. The not so sure about himself is what you would experience whist growing up. Nick’s father we do not
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