Growing Up In The Amazon Character Analysis

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Have you ever heard of the two most heroic and strategic characters? Rainsford is stranded on an island and might be killed General Zaroff, but he then survives in the long run. Kane thinks that he will be killed by Frank Miller but somehow he over comes his fate. Kane and Rainsford may not make but the they both learn how to survive under pressure. These two characters are both the underdogs but become the hero in the end.

These characters may be heroic they are two completely different people. You don 't come to this church often Marshal (Foreman 313). This shows that Kane has the job of a Marshal in a small town in Arizona. "We should have some good hunting up in the Amazon. Great Sport Hunting" (Connell 1). In this story of The Most
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Later in the two stories these characters use their brain power to figure out how they are going to solve their situation. Kane slips out the stable and around it (Foreman 330). This use of smarts shows that even though Frank Miller and his gang were trying to run Kane out of the stable he used his head and let the horses run out the stable to cause a distraction so he can sneak away from Frank Miller. "He climbed out from hard saplings cut stakes and sharpened them to a fine point" (Connell 13). This act of strategy and patience showed that Rainsford had planned to kill Zaroff before he kills, and he took his time with creating a trap for General Zaroff to fall into. These two acts of brilliance shows that strategy and smarts can help you survive or even can help become successful at something.

Rainsford and Kane both believe they might not make it but come out as the hero of the story. Both people may have two jobs but they both become successful in the long run. Being hunted didn 't stop them so eventually they soon overcame being hunted and they also believed they can survive. Using your head many situations can lead to many things in life coming easier to you. Kane and Rainsford are completely two different characters and minds, but surviving under pressure makes them no different from each
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