Growing Up In The Glass Castle: A Mother's Childhood

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Growing up is a difficult and varied time for us all. People’s formative years are very influential to what kind of adults they become. However, for some there are more tribulations than others. In the memoir, The Glass Castle, Jeanette Walls, the author, was most influenced by her second time in Phoenix, as indicated by how she describes her family interactions and gains independence. Jeannette’s view on her father has drastically changed over the course of their time in Phoenix. It all began when Rex was fired from his job in the electricians union. He began going to the bar nearly every night and getting drunk, and soon he was incredibly dependent on alcohol. By the time Christmas came around he was still a terrible drinker. They planned out one of the best Christmas celebrations they would ever have, but in Rex’s drunken stupor he set fire to the tree, subsequently burning all of their presents as well. This leads up to Jeannette’s tenth birthday. Rex asks her what she would want out of anything in the world. Nervous at first, she squeaks out “Do you think you could maybe stop drinking?” (Walls 116). Rex responds in a shocked manner and decides to take time to himself to think. He returns and has decided to tie himself up and get sober. Rex is restrained to his bed for nearly a week while suffering from the intense symptoms of withdrawal. Finally, when his normal self seems to have returned…show more content…
Learning that she could provide for herself and that she didn’t need the help of her drunken father freed her from starving and suffering. Rex’s actions have clearly made Jeannette and the rest of the family lose most of their remaining faith in him. As a result of their new outlook on their lives and father they even make the intelligent decision to move on from their current scenario in Arizona and look for better opportunities and a more fortuitous
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