Growing Up Is Formed In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Children can be formed by many things in there life. They can experience many different types of things when they are growing up. The experiences they will have while growing up will either be good ones or bad ones. Bullying can pay a big part in the way a child is formed. Readers can also see that Frankenstein is an example of how a person can be formed in a bad way. Also if they have had good experiences they can have a great life and be happy. A child can be changed for the good or bad by bullying and education and you can see an example in Frankenstein. In Frankenstein it can be seen that children are formed by their experiences. Dr.Frankenstein created the monster which is just like a newborn child. He is like a newborn because he was just created and he can not express himself. He also has not seen the world and he can not even speak. When the monster gets loose he first roamed around not knowing anything. Everytime he saw people they would get scared of him. He was happy at first when he met new people but then got sad and angry when he saw people…show more content…
Kids have been bullied at a very young age during their life. Bullying can mold how a child is, it can change the way they live and how they express themselves. Everywhere in the country kids bully each other. In the study it showed that bullying across countries ranges from 8.6 to 45.2 percent among boys and 4.8 to 35.8 percent among girls(1). Some of the kids tell people about bullying to an adult Some keep it to themselves. As “Pete” says teens worry about they have to handle it by themselves(2). The kids also feel scored to tell anyone because they might get bullied more or they feel like no one will listen to them. If kids hold in the emotion it changes the way they think. It makes them a shell. It makes them very sad and empty. Bullying is a big part in a child's life and it can change someone and their
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