Growing Up Music Research Paper

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Music plays an important role in every culture. In some cultures more than others. If you are a musician your life revolves around music and what you are creating. Some people might not be as interested in the making music but everyone has a form of music they like. Even if you listen to the top 20 on the radio, to bands you think no one knows, to your parent 's music, to playing an instrument. Music is everywhere and in many different aspects of my life. Growing up music was big in my life. I started piano at the age of 8 and played for about 4 years. But I soon stopped because of all the sports I was playing and the little time I spent practicing. My teacher quickly got frustrated that was wasting my talent and decided to let me go. Then, a couple summers later I started guitar but since I did not stick with it after summer it did not last long
Growing up the music culture around me was always very strong. So, when I stopped playing an instrument it was almost not heard when eight of cousins on my Dad 's side play some kind of instrument. They are also all huge Irish step dancers. When I would visit them in Colorado and New Jersey they would always be playing music and dancing. My Aunt and Uncle choose to raise their kids in a music environment
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As I got older my brother introduced me to indie bands I grew to love. For example, Foster the People he told me to listen to their whole album instead of once song and that was the first full album I listened to and loved. Then, 2 years later, my still favorite band foster the people came to play at a one-day festival near my house. After weeks of convincing my mom if I could go, she finally said she yes!! That was my first concert and I went with my brother and best friend Bri. That was still one the best days of my life since I saw so many of my current favorite bands all in one day. I will definitely remember that day for the rest of my life. Ever since that experience in 9th grade my interest in music has
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