Growing Up Trans: Movie Analysis

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Growing up Trans is a movie about kids growing up with gender identity. As they start growing up they realize they are not the gender they are born with. In the first example Liam who later change his name to lia the 9 yr old was born as a boy but identify as a girl. Liam transitioned from a boy to girl when she was about 6 and has been a girl ever since. Lia still need surgery and medicine to fully transition to a girl. Generations ago it was adults that transitioned from male to female or vice versa but these days many children are transitioning from male to female or vice versa due to advancement in medicine and technology.
In the second example Niama who later changed his name to daniel who is a 9 yr old was born as a girl but identify as a girl. Niama has been a girl for 6 yrs and has been a boy for the last 3 yrs. Daniel dont like to be called a girl and like it
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Lurie childrens Hospital to seek help for daniel. It is one of the top clinicics in the country providing treatement to gender nonconforming and transgender kids. One of the biggest development of transgender kids came in 2007 with the introduction of hormone blockers. Pubertal blockers are medicines that block puberty and in daniels case it would be quiet helpful since he was born as a girl. This helps putting a pause on the puberty and let children have a little more time to grow and develop and be more confident of their gender identity. The drawback of this treatment is that very little research has been done in this field. According to few studies that have been done in past the distress about gender will shift with time. According to one of the doctor the majority of kids with gender dysphoria will not grow up to transgender adolescents or adults. Starting puberty blocking medicals as early as possible is very important for some people because if major changes accords like growing of breasts or deepening of voice they cannot be

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