Growth Hormone Informative Speech

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The human body is both complex in its function and fascinating in its capabilities. There are multiple hormones and proteins and many other things that are working together simultaneously to keep the human body working like a well-oiled machine.

Anything that alters or hinders this process will result in the our body responding to the lost function by giving us few signs that will help us recognize where in the body is the problem and how can we fix it.

Hormones controls our body’s day to day functions, such as our sleep, temperature, appetite, growth, weight and many more.

Out of many hormones in our body, today we will focus on Growth Hormone also popularly known to many as human growth hormone (HGH).

What is a Growth Hormone?

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Due to his tall stature, he faced many complications and died a young man at age 22. His height at the time of death was 8 ft 11 inches. He was also given title as “Giant of Illinois”. His birth place being Illinois, USA.

How do we test for Growth hormone deficiency and excess?

GH Excess
a. A blood test to measure the levels of GH and IGF-1

b. Oral glucose test: during this test the child is asked to consume a drink containing glucose. Blood samples are taken after the drink is consumed. In a normal scenario the GH levels should drop after drinking glucose. But if the GH does not drop and remains the same, its an indication that the body is making too much GH.

c. Imaging

GH Deficiency

In the case of GH deficiency, measurement of GH in the blood is not very helpful for the sake of diagnosis. However the most frequently used test is the Insulin tolerance test (ITT).

The base of this test is that, insulin decreases the blood sugar levels in the body and this acts as a stimulant for the gland to release GH. Samples are collected every 2 hours to see if the GH is increased. In the GH deficiency the GH levels do not rise.

What are some of the treatments used for conditions caused by GH excess or GH
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