Growth In Immigration

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Will 20% growth in immigration affect the domestic economy and my job? Well as an American citizen, I believe that 20% growth in immigration will both have a positive and negative affect towards the economy and my future job over the next decade. one reason why it will have a negative impact is because some immigrants take advantage of the Social programs that the government provides to them. Also, most of the time what the immigrants try to do is to come to the U.S. and have kids thereforth so that the government aids the family. However,I believe that the 20% growth in immigration will most likely positively affect my job. Immigration is also a positive affect towards our economy because some start small businesses. I myself have experienced…show more content…
born workers. Economists find that, on average, previous waves of immigrants tended to boost American wages. Despite concerns that competition from immigrants might harm employment prospects for native-born Americans, recent economic research suggests that, on average, immigrants raise wages and expand employment opportunities for Americans. Workers who work in agriculture, construction, and household services, appear to improve the wages for U.S. born workers by expanding the capacity of American businesses and farms, increasing the responsibility and pay of American foremen and supervisors, and providing expanded opportunities for higher-skilled Americans, particularly women, to pursue higher-paying careers. Another factor on how immigrants positively affect our economy is because some eventually start up their own business.immigrants are 30 percent more likely to start a business in the United States than non-immigrants, and 18 percent of all small business owners in the United States are immigrants. By creating businesses, jobs are created also because they would not be able to do everything by themselves. According to an article I read, small businesses owned by immigrants employed an estimated 4.7 million people in
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