Essay On Suburban Trees

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Trees growing in urban and suburban offer many advantages to the city. However, when a tree or part of a tree breakage, it can cause extensive damage to people or property. As compared to the trees in urban, suburban tree are usually able to withstand the strong wind as compared to the trees planted at urban area. This is because due to the limited and sacred land in the urban, the trees have limited nutrient and root ball diameter to grow. As a result, the root of the trees in urban will not grow as extensively as trees in suburban. Hence, it can be explained that the chances of tree breakage in urban as compared to suburban. Due to the rapid urbanization and development, the landscape trees in urban usually surrounded by many building and dense block where it will create the wind tunnel effects and generate stronger turbulent air flow as compared to the urban density in the suburban area. The denser the urban area and the higher the buildings, the stronger the effects of buildings on the wind strength and patterns. The high-rise buildings create zones of flow and high pressures generating the vertical currents that stir the urban air mass and accelerating winds near building corner and accelerating the wind speeds.

Therefore, it is important to develop a
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This will minimize any stress the tree may experience from loss of foliage. Reduce all branches greater than 1/2 the diameter of the trunk. Select one stem to be the leader, and reduce or remove all branches competing with it. Reduce and/or remove large, vigorous branches low in the canopy, and remove any broken, cracked, or severely damaged branches. The pruning cycle and dose for these first 5 years should be determined individually for each tree type and size—for example, a pruning visit could be scheduled for year two and year four, or only one visit may be necessary during this
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