Assignment 5: Mindset Survey Reflection

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Assignment #5: Mindset Survey Reflection

It is not so hard to observe others’ actions and pinpoint what mindset traits they might have, but it is difficult to think of my own mindset traits, especially fixed mindset versus growth mindset. Making a list of my mindset traits is not an easy task. When I made my initial list, many of the traits ended up being those of others that I have observed. I had to really think about my actions and how others interpret them. Sometimes what I think I am is not who I am and vice versa, so thinking about how other people see me and what I have done in the past helped generating my list of fixed mindset traits. Despite the many growth mindset traits I think I possess, there are four that I believe might be my fixed mindset traits, because I noticed that in my actions from time to time. First, I have the tendency of feeling afraid that others might judge or label me by my failures. Second, sometimes I feel like I have more experiences than other people around me. Third, I frequently feel that my time is wasted when the outcomes are not as expected. And
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It can take months or years to slowly transform as we gain more experiences through practices and observations, read more professional publishing books or articles, learn more research-proven strategies, and follow the footsteps of successful people with the growth mindset. To make a switch and maintain it requires serious commitment, on-going planning, and life-long learning. What actions will I be taking to change these four fixed mindset traits? First of all, I will reread Dweck’s book, Mindset, especially Chapter 8 (Changing Mindset). I need to read and understand her opinions, studies, observations, successful stories, examples, and suggestions. It is crucial that I learn to see through her lens how people change their mindset before I can change my

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