Growth Mindset By Carol Dweck Analysis

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Did you ever think about what state your mind is in, or what causes you to think the way you do? Carol Dweck in her article mindsets, compares a fixed and a growth mindset. It Carol Dweck defines two types of mindsets, her work led her to define a fixed and a growth mindset.

A fixed mindset is a belief that your qualities are carved in stone. This mindset sometimes urges you to prove yourself over and over. If you have a fixed mindset you think you have a certain amount of intelligence, personality and moral character. This urges you to prove that you are actually as smart as you think. For example you are having a bad day and you come to a class that you really enjoy. Your professor hands you your exam and you got a C+. Your are
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Carol Dweck studied the students with a growth mindset to watch the strategies they used. They were hungry for challenge. She was really surprised when some students got excited at the sight of another challenge. When Carol Dweck asked the students with a growth mindset how they would react if they found out they got a C+ on an exam; they said they would have to work harder in class, change my study techniques, etc. In a growth mindset coping with failures, is studying harder, paying the ticket, and calling their friend and telling them they were upset the day before. In a growth mindset failure isnt failure it's a lesson learned and a time to…show more content…
I barely got through geometry, and I thought that I wasn't going to survive. I failed tests and retook them for a better grade, I pushed myself and told myself to keep going no matter what. At the end of the year when finals came around I was still struggling. My teacher told me that I might have to stay another year. I was freaking out and didn’t know what to do. I put in a lot of effort studying for this final exam. My teacher called me up after the final exam was graded. We sat down and worked on it together. She told me that just because I wasn't getting through with math, that doesn’t give me a reason to give up. After my final was taken I was worried I didn't do to well, my teacher called me after class to talk about how I did. We sat down and she helped fix what I did wrong on the final. We worked together on the final and she helped me pass the class. My teacher changed the way I thought and ever since then even if I fail I know that I could do better. The growth mindset taught me to stretch myself and through the failures I learn new things and become smarter.

The article Mindsets by Carol Dweck made me realize how often in different situations I was in either a fixed or growth mindset. Carol Dweck made it very clear that she opposed the growth mindset more. The growth mindset makes you think outside of the box and reach for the impossible. While being in a growth mindset
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