Growth Mindset In Othello

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Final Paper

Throughout reading the play Othello by Shakespeare, I noticed a connection between the

characters in the play and how they could have grit, growth mindset or a fixed mindset. Grit is

when a person sticks with a subject for a period of time until they master it. Growth mindset is

paving the way for how you want your future to be and not anything stop you and fixed mindset

is when a person believes that their future is set for them already. When a person has grit they do

not let grades or failures define them. They correct their mistakes and make sure that failure isn’t

an option but mastering it is. When a person has a growth mindset, they don’t allow bad things

define them. A person who wants to see the
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Carol Dweck wrote “When I asked people with the

fixed mindset, this is what they said: “I’d feel like a reject.” “I’m a total failure.” “I’m an idiot.”

“I’m a loser.” “I’d feel worthless and dumb – everyone’s better than me.” “I’m slime.” In other

words, they’d see what happened as a direct measure of their competence and worth.” (pg 53). I

chose this quote because it shows how just not thinking thoroughly and acting on your impulse

can mess everything up. Roderigo didn’t think clearly about the situation which in the end cost

him his life. On the other hand Roderigo showed signs of bad grit. He must have not been around

Iago for long or studied his body language well enough to know that he was just going to jip him.

If a person was around someone for so long it would be kind of impossible to not be able to read

their face, body movement, and notice the little twitches or things a person does when they are

going to do something devious.

The final actor in the play that showed grit and mindset is Brabantio who is a
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