Growth Mindset

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What makes an intelligent brain?
Researches have shown that brain growth can be developed in some ways through effort, practice and failure. There are two types of mindsets. Ones with growth mindset and others with fixed mindset. Childrens and Adults both have one of the two mindset depending on what they want to choose. People with Growth mindset want to learn as much as possible and people with fixed mindset choose to stop and not learn. Many people choose to not give the best out of them to work on what they mostly want in life.
Effort is one of the most ignored one as people continue with their life. Carol Dweck states that “it’s not just about effort. You also need to learn skills that let you use your brain in a smarter way. . . to get better at something.” What Carol Dweck really means is that you have to teach your brain skills to make it growth. Your brain doesn’t always rely on effort. In addition, Paul tough quotes “If you worked hard and you showed real grit then you could be successful” in other words, Paul tough means if you stick to what you are doing everyday and keep on repeating it everyday then you will be successful. Having to put effort in whatever you want in life will always reward you at the end. You just have to commit to working as hard as you can.
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Carol Dweck states that “ new research shows that the brain is more a muscle-it changes and gets stronger when you use it” What Carol Dweck means is every time you use your brain, your intelligence is always growing and being smarter. The more a person learns, the easier it gets to learn new things for that person because their brains have gotten stronger. Additionally, Carol Dweck provides us with another quote “Just like a weightlifter or a basketball player, to be a brain athlete you have to exercise and practice. “ By this she means that the more you practice the easier things get by practicing it over and

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