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Your College 's Mission

1. What is your college 's current mission statement? How does GTCC support its mission statement? Explain in terms of examples and details.
My college’s current mission statement is supporting success through innovative education, training, and partnerships. Guilford Technical Community College gives access to deep rooted learning open doors for self-improvement, workforce profitability, and group administration. GTCC’s mission statement indicates what the company intends to accomplish and describes the philosophical premises that guide peoples ' actions. The purpose is to empower the community to create new futures. GTCC supports its mission statement. They devote their selves to understudies ' capacity to reach goals. GTCC respects each individual who asks for administrations and treats every solicitation with equivalent consideration. GTCC is enthusiastic about lifelong learning. GTCC is focused on changing and improving lives.

2. What do you believe are the strengths and weaknesses of your college? (Refer to page 156 figure 6.2! Only S&W, not O and T). Explain your answer in detail and give examples.
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GTCC’s strengths would be organizational strengths. The skills and capabilities that give the organization special competencies and competitive advantages in executing strategies in pursuit of its vision. GTCC’s vision values their students. They value learning, challenging, innovative instruction and targeted services that meet the needs of individual, student’s value, employees who are committed to providing services that ensure student success, value diversity, value honesty and integrity. GTCC’s weakness would be limited online classes. A working full time student with kids can’t go to campus with their busy lifestyle. GTCC should allow more classes online. This would increase the number of students that attend

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