Gru: Super Villain

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Sometimes people may fall victim of an injury that completely changes their personality, but in this particular case there is no injury, just a man who decides it’s time to change. The man in question is called Gru, by day a super villain and by night the same. The only reason for his sudden change of mind is three orphan girls showing up at his house one day and seeing him as a potential father. In the beginning, Gru was a dreamer. He hoped to fly among the stars and hopefully shine bright enough for his disappointed mother to see. His id truly roamed free when he was a child, doing what he wanted when he wanted with only two clear goals in mind. Sadly, he realized the two goals didn’t meet, and his mother had her own dreams for young Gru. Upon realizing this he immediately shifted gears to becoming a villain, throwing away his old rockets and models and forcing himself to use his superego. Eventually Gru will be recognized as one of the world’s Best Bad Guys.…show more content…
They showed up on his doorstep one day selling cookies to which he responded, “Go Away”. They were very persistent and played a major role in his life by doing so. He saw them a second time when he drove out of his neighborhood and went on to adopt them after making three small beds out of disabled bombshells. The girls showed Gru that life doesn’t have to be all about seeking others approval, and you can still have fun by yourself. They also showed that even though they knew him for a very short time they trusted and loved him wholly. In conclusion, Gru has gone through many mental changes in his life, having gone from id to superego and back again. Also, he has said goodbye to his mother, which finally earned her approval. One may also argue that every single minion goes through the id to superego change since they follow Gru unconditionally, causing them to behave in a kinder and less cruel
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