Grumpy Cat Political Correctness

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The theme in my artwork is political correctness. In today’s world, political corrective is more involved because there are many who get offended easily to the point we are losing some of our freedoms and losing our culture. For example, there have been cases in which students are not allowed to wear the American flag t-shirt because it offends them. I mainly used Google as my research. I searched for Lithograph printmaking, grumpy cat political correctness, and political correctness. As I was researching, I was influenced by the political cartoons in general, not any specific one. During this project, my thoughts went from voting registration to common core to political correctness. I knew I didn’t want to do something too common and controversial,…show more content…
The emphasis of the artwork is Grumpy Cat and the American flag has movement. The flag and the guy has high contrast while Grumpy Cat has gradation. I based my composition on the Rule of Thirds. Grumpy Cat lines up with the left axis while the flag lines up with the right axis. The two points on the left axis hits the space between the eyes and body while the top point hits the stripes of the flag. The research influenced me to use Grumpy Cat and gave me idea of the phrase “The American Flag offends me, Go Pack”. There was a phrase that said “If you are offended by the American flag, I’ll help you pack” and I just tweaked the phrase down to seven words. I used newsprint for the three proofs and Stonehenge for the five editions. Doing lithograph was easier and cleaner. As I was doing the process, I realized that each time I printed, the pictures would get better. When I would roll each time, there was almost always a spot or two that would get on my picture, but luckily Dave discovered that if you cover the spots with newsprint when you set your paper down, the spots won’t show. Overall, I’m content with the way my final editions turned out. This was a learning experience for
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