Tiny Times Gu Li Character Analysis

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Character of Gu Li
Gu Li is the most popular character in Tiny Times". She was like an elegant and noble business woman, who was full of the makeup exquisite, real face, body enchanting, who was the extremely strong woman in today’s circumstance, in particular among the university students. She can worship money, advocating brand name, chasing the upper class of life. The four main characters in the movie, Gu Li, Lin Xiao, Nan Xiang, Tang Wan, the friendship between them begun from the high school, and continued to now. In this small group, Gu Li was nevertheless the leader, the queen, and always wanted to be the one who could always be successful. She did not allow herself to become any part of the “lose”; Nan Xiang was the most beautiful and attractive person in this group; Lin Xiao was the most normal person among the sisters; while Tang Wanru was a badminton athlete who was a “muscle” girl. This four people together, it is more able to show the innocence of the noble and noble and her pursuit of material madness. As a student who has received a dual degree in accounting and international finance in four years, Gu has always been calm and leisurely, and she had even been sarcastic because of the superiority of her family.
As a rich girl of the second generation, from the material surrounded by her luxury has a great pursuit. Guo Jingming
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In Guo Jingming 's "Tiny Times," the performance was very evident. The female 's emotional comfort and the revitalization of the source of power are from the great friendship. In the film 's character image, the gender image of the opposition is also apparent. Women are legitimate and beautiful representatives, they have the traditional film female image of the beautiful kind, but it jumped out of the compromise, bite the insignificant inherent character
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