Gualinto Paredes George Washington Gomez

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When it comes to certain topics, multiple interpretations can be revealed, as an argument progresses. Sometimes it may be hard to tell which side is in the right. Subsequently, opinions continuously fly back and forth between individuals who can’t seem to stop disagreeing with each other. Moreover, internal conflicts occasionally arise as well, within each individual, due to new information that develops from their personal trials. Finding a piece of literature where the reader can relate to is a great fortune. In my opinion, Americo Paredes created an effective work, within his book George Washington Gomez. He successfully touched base on certain struggles that an individual with Mexican legacy encounters in this world that is run predominantly …show more content…

During one of Maria and Feliciano’s conversations it was noted that, “Gualinto would have to be a learned man in order to help his people. How he would help them Feliciano had no idea, but he knew he must give the boy as much education as he could.” (49) Regrettably, Maria and Feliciano’s belief in the descent quality of the education system in Jonesville was not so accurate. Nevertheless, it is my belief that Gualinto’s school days molded him into becoming a stronger person by forcing him to face challenges, such as racism, which originated from his Mexican background. These experiences made him thrive to be successful in his schoolwork most importantly to show everyone that he could be great despite his

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